On January 16th and 17th 2019, Pestex welcomed Ms. Aline Barrera, Software Trainer/ Implementation Specialist from ServicePro of Ohio. Ms. Barrera carried out training on ServicePro’s ServSuite Software which Pestex will be implementing by the end of February 2019.

Servsuite will simply help us serve our customers better.

Computer based job scheduling will ensure that recurring services are not missed. Improved planning will allow for greater flexibility in our schedules for emergency work due to the ability to constantly view and update our schedules in real time. Tasks such as appointment rescheduling, changing the technician for the appointment, or adding new services will be completed easily in the ServSuite scheduler, resulting in increased efficiency

ServSuite’s Visual Routing module will allow us to optimize our routes ahead of time to maximize our production. Route planning and optimization will ensure that less time is wasted on getting to our customers and more time is available for solving their problems. Route optimization, together with GPS technologies will allow us to quickly respond to emergency calls by checking which technician is closest to the emergency, and making it a new stop on the service route that is already taking place.

ServSuite will allow us to create work orders and invoices in PDF format, reducing our need for paper and helping us to minimize our effects on the environment while allowing us the ability to e-mail invoices to customers, saving both time and money.

ServSuite will allow us to track our inventory levels down to the warehouse, truck or person, ensuring that we always have the right materials for the job.

In the future we intend to go fully mobile and the ServSuite Mobile App will be a perfect companion to technicians out in the field. The mobile app will keep work orders and customer accounts ‘in sync’ with events at the office. It creates a paperless environment with work orders and proposals and will save us time and money.

We would like to thank Ms. Barrera for making the trip to Trinidad from San Diego and for providing us with the training required to use our new software. Ms. Barrera was extremely well versed in all aspects of the software and the information provided over the two day intensive training will stand us in good stead for the transition to this system We’re staying ahead of the game “Because Service Matters”